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1.6.2018 » Exhibition at the Canal Museum /w Kristiina Leino & Kristiina Välke (Facebook)

I am on a journey towards finding my unique painting style, that circles around buzzwords such as: abstract expressionism, speed painting, abstract calligraphy, graffiti, typeface design, gestural abstraction, lyrical abstraction, asemic writing, shamanism and color field painting. Let's see where this journey leads me.

Ville Valo, 2018

Botanics I, 2018

Botanics II, 2018

Thoughts, 2018

Glyphs, 2018

Maiden, 2017

Maneuvres, 2016

Equilibrium, 2015

Move, 2015

Foliage Fest, 2015

Ablaze, 2015

Confidence, 2015

Moral, 2015

The Archer, 2014

The Proto Embryo, 2015

Intimacy, 2014

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