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Coolest Cycling Jersey Designs in 2016

July 17, 2016

Whats Cool in Cycling Jersey Designs

What's Cool in Cycling Jersey Designs?

It is summer again and people are climbing on top of their bicycles to enjoy the warmth of summer. Now if you're a visual person like me you enjoy to display your personality through your bicycle and clothing - Cycling jerseys are a perfect way to make a fashion statement, and they're useful too!

Selecting a Cycling Jersey 101

Selecting a cycling jersey can be a gruesome task due to the huge amount of possibilities available online. Here's some tips on what to focus:

1. Sizing

Select a tight fit if you get as aerodynamic as possible - select a looser fit if you wish to be more comfortable. Tighter fit will also move the sweat away from your body more easily.

Also notice that there are different kind of cuts that might fit or not fit your body type.

2. Back pockets

Best jerseys will have at least three pockets in the lower back of the jersey. Some jerseys even have a fourth pocket, which has a zipper to ensure your personal belongings stay safe even during bumpier rides.

3. Fabric

Merino wool is comfortable on skin, but relatively heavy and tricky to wash. Modern blends of polyester are anti-bacterial and very comfortable as well. Polyester is also lighter than merino. Be sure to check other fabric mixes as well. Preferred way would be to compare the fabrics if that's possible.

4. Full-length front zipper

Opt for full-length zipper. It's easier to get the sweaty jersey off without tearing the seams accidentally if you can open the whole jersey. Also, you have more possibilities to vary the zipper position when the weather is hot.

5. Reflective elements

To ensure your visibility for cars on the road.

6. Graphics (what this post is about)

Now that you know the basics of jersey selection let's get to the beef of this post.

In the world we live in you might be told to not be too superficial: Now this is a valid point but for milleniums human culture has been based on beautiful things. Art, architecture, music, idols have always been valued; beautiful things can delight us. When it comes to cycling jerseys you might enjoy your ride more in a comfortable jersey that looks great - and you can take photographs of your daily style for later viewing.

What follows is an opinionated list of cool cycling jersey designs that I've stumbled into. The jersey designs are sorted from minimalistic to insanely detailed.


For stealth look, opt for PEdALED's Okabe Jersey. It comes with a handy chest pocket for easy access of belongings.


PEdALED - Okabe Jersey (165 $)


Rapha designers have a sense of classic, simplistic style with a modern twist. One of the coolest jerseys from them is this.

Rapha Rapha

Rapha - Short Sleeve Training Jersey (125 €)

Café du Cycliste

Café du Cycliste jerseys are mostly minimalistic, but contain some some simplistic patterns like dots or triangles like the white Micheline.

Café du Cycliste

Café du Cycliste - Micheline (120 €)

Twin Six

Twin Six' Peace Coffee is in pre-order and it looks really great. The worn-out look of colored horizontal lines on black will look great on anyone - there's also two detailed bird symbols and brand details on the back.

Mirra Mirra

Twin Six - The Peace Coffee (85 $)

Heavy Pedal

The Heavy Pedal Bandito Jersey has distinct patterns which will surely get you noticed - This jersey is made for cycling rockstars!

Heavy Pedal Heavy Pedal

Heavy Pedal - Bandito Jersey (69.99 $)


If you're into more detailed designs, Mirra offers floral (not girly!) patterns. One of the coolest design from them is Golden Protea Cycling Jersey, which comes in white and red.

Mirra Mirra

Mirra Collective - Golden Protea Cycling Jersey (125 $)

The Pedla

Full Gas Aero's texture looks like a mix of burning gasoline and Jackson Pollock's art. The overall composition is kept balanced with white sections and shapes.

The Pedla The Pedla

The Pedla - Full Gass Aero / RideCAMO Jersey (190 $)


Japan-inspired intricate designs of Babici are really amazing. The Samurai Jersey contains so many details that you just can't get enough of it.

Babici Babici

Babici - Samurai Jersey (190 $)


This was just an intro to single designs from these great companies - remember to check out all designs from them!

Whether you choose stealth or peacock, don't forget to ride!

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