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Rorschach - Generative Art Project

February 16, 2018



Randomization and overlaying images to generate new art has been used by artists for hundreds of years.

I've been always intrigued by generative, random art... so I decided to create a Rorschach inkblot in Google Fonts typefaces + Unsplash API images. I've previously tried to generate Jackson Pollock's paintings and Mark Rothko's paintings. Send me Tweet if you're interested to see these.

The Project

I bootstrapped the project with Create-React-App, using CSS filters, Unsplash image API and I rotated and sized typefaces sporadically from Google Fonts.

Try it out!

The results are pretty incredible. Here's some examples generated within 5 minutes:

Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample

The generation is somewhat super random now, with only a few options to alter - So I actually made some updates that improved the actual generator... but it's a pretty wippy thing still. Follow the project on GitHub to get the latest updates. My idea is to allow searching of specific category images from the image API and to allow you to write the text of your choice.


The project was inspired by Vasilis Van Gemert's 'Daily' generators. It's good to keep coming back to basics of color, shape and symbolism.


You can find the code in GitHub.

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