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What I've Been Working on Recently

June 12, 2019

Controlling the Chaos

I wanted to tell you a bit about what has happened since the last blog post. So here it goes...

I've been thinking a lot of control vs. accidents lately. Whether it be your career, life, party, painting or anything - You have the ability to make the choice (at least to some extent): how much control do I want?

In my perfect world, the perfect line's from the subtle balance of those two counteracting forces. In order to control this counterbalance, an artist must be a relaxed professional. This applies to professional sports as well. In order to achieve most, one needs to have an understanding of how to find that zen-like state of mind.

Sports and arts have a lot in common. One must train every day to become a champ. To breathe the domain. Physical practice combined with mental training leads to best results.

Recent Professional Progressions


Since the last blog post, I've had my art on display a lot. I was interviewed in a local magazine about my first solo exhibition at Matara, you can check the finnish article on 'about' page.

I also had 1 sales Pop Up and 3 group exhibitions. Man I've been busy!


I recently went to a Japanese calligraphy (Shodo) course. I don't know japanese language at all, but I've been convinced that in order to evolve artistically, I needed some calligraphy lessons. Indeed it was money well spent, as the teacher herself was japanese. I learned some basic kanjis and about the spirit of the brush (Bokki). During the last two lessons, I truly learned some beginnings of a personal style. Or at least I try to think so.


I have a massive Egypt interest. It all started when I read The Egyptian by Mika Waltari. I've read and studied Egyptian signs and symbols - their art, culture and history. Actually I am working on a screenplay about the Hyksos rule during the Second Intermediate Period of Egypt.

Example of my rugged comic style


I didn't care much about comics until the 2019. I somehow got interested in them (I can't remember the exact moment). But my god, how wrong was when I thought that comics isn't a great art form.

The more I studied and read about them (Will Eisner's tutorials, etc), and the more I read about actual comics - the more I started to love them. My Egyptian fandom spans till comics as well. In early 2019 I started a slice-of-life comic about the Pharaoh's life. I was lucky enough to meet a person who got me drawing again. I am not exactly a drawing maniac yet, but I draw weekly, which is a lot better than drawing annually. I am not going to tell my comic's name, but you can ask it from me.

I am also drawing daily, poor quality webtoons on Instagram on another account (it will remain a secret as well). It is just another way of expressing myself.

People argue often about the relationship of painting and drawing - I don't think there's anything to argue. It's just a matter of finding your own style.

I'd have so much to tell you about comics. I am too lazy to write them down now.


I have tried lots of various markers recently. I also realized that the felt and brush tips of markers are not exactly meant for regular A4 printer paper. I mashed and messed one of the Copic brush tips I had. But I an now well educated. I only draw on tracing paper, special marker paper or laserjet print paper currently with my best markers.

My favourite marker right now is the Pentel Pocket brush. It's a bristle-tip ink marker with exchangeable cartridges. I can achieve sub-1/10th-millimiter lines with it or a wide 1cm line by using it's side. It is such a versatile little thingie. And it's super portable.

By varying the pressure, speed, gesture, angle and direction, you can achieve rhythmical results. Japanese calligraphy masters and comic artists are similar in this order. Artist's unique style comes from mastering her tools and making the lines, curves and whitespace you personally live.

Example lines with the Pentel Pocket brush

The pentel pocket brush gives you a lot of options when working with the opposing forces:

  • Thich vs. thin
  • Loose vs. controlled
  • Opaque vs. translucent
  • Solid vs. ragged
  • Speedy vs. slow
  • Delicate vs. rough,...

I am not even close of being a great user of this great brush pen, but let's wait and see. I am also trying out Copics, Sharpies, Sakuras and some other brands.

Disclaimer: This may sound like an ad but it is not.

What's next?

I probably forgot most of what I have been doing. Ask for more.

I want to work on big canvases and display my skills in different scales; to use paint roller, different sized brushes and markers on the same piece. I consider this spring as one of the most educating ones for me. I am evolving but never ready.

I need bigger canvases...

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